A day in the life of a Will Writer – Episode 1

A day in the life of a Will Writer and Estate Planner – Sara Sheppard


A day in the life of a Will Writer – with SLS Wills and More’s Founder – Sara Sheppard.

One of the things I love about my work is that no two days are the same but there are some common tasks, themes and conversations. Here’s just sample of some of the work I’ve done in the last week.


A common element to my day is networking and developing relationships with other professionals such as Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers, and Accountants. The session I went to last week was with 4N at 8 am.

Following my network session, I checked my emails and followed up with s number of enquiries some of my new clients or prospective clients had. I also had some emails from the networking meeting and arranged a meeting for last Friday with clients to get their Wills signed (which under the present situation is different to how I would normally process an attestation (Will signing).

After this, I had two pre-arranged meetings with clients to get their Wills signed in Thanet and was back home by lunchtime. All signings are done under socially distanced conditions but meeting the requirements of s.9 of the Wills Act.

Not Will Writing related but I had a lovely visit outside my home from my stepdaughter and partner outside the front of the house. We maintained all social distance regulations. Whilst chatting, I had a baby sparrow fly onto my shoulder but completely startled I brushed it off dazed (poor thing) and then found it had pooped over my shoulder – hope that means good luck!

Following this chat, I had some Wills for checking that have been signed today. Checking means, making sure they are legally valid, signed correctly, and fit for purpose. I then photocopying, scan and write letters to clients in order to send them back as they wished to keep themselves.  This also includes writing my attendance notes and getting my records updated.

On this day, I took a couple of calls from people interested in Wills and associated legal documents. One of the calls was from a lady I had met last month at another networking session called ‘Ladies Who Latte’ and had had a brief discussion about Wills and she was now ringing to make an appointment – yay!

Following these calls and a couple of callbacks, I took a walk to the local post office with my husband and dogs to post my letters – 4 in total, 3 of which needed to go signed for, plus purchasing books of stamps for those letters that do not need to go signed for.

Upon returning home, I took a look at my social media accounts, shared some interesting and engaging posts with my followers and then booked in all my appointments into my diary. This involves opening the new client files (creating an electronic file and writing my initial letter etc.).

By that point, it had gone 5 pm and time to close for the day. Somewhere in amongst this, I have done my bank reconciliation for today…


Another 8am start tomorrow with Thanet Premier Business Group networking – have wills to prepare as well as confirm in writing the appointment for my new client – gives me an excuse to try my new E-signing software from Frama UK! Plus lots of other jobs to do.


Just a day in the life of a professional Will Writer.


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