A day in the life of an estate planner – Episode 3

Running a busy estate planning business can be challenging.  Writing a Will isn’t as simple as making gifts to beneficiaries and then when the time comes, assets are simply distributed… I keep contemporaneous notes about all of these meetings, who was present, the reasons for making gifts, reasons for any exclusions, and then once I know what you’re looking to achieve, and only then – I can offer detailed advice about how you can protect, preserve and pass on your assets.


That’s the difference between writing a Will with a cheap DIY Will kit and using a professional. Would I use a DIY Will kit? NEVER. Not just because I’m a professional Will Writer, but because typically, they will only ever allow us to create a simple Will. Many of us have more than ‘a simple estate’…


As I’ve said, running a business can be a challenge. SLS Wills and More stands for so much more than just writing a Will for clients. We care about proper estate planning, we believe in supporting local businesses (and we network), we believe in commercial succession planning (passing on your business too), and we believe in supporting our peers.


We will never pressure our clients to make a decision they don’t support. We will provide advice and guidance as to the reasons we believe they should make decisions but ultimately, the decision is yours. This is the attitude that when shared, meant that I was invited to join the Society of Will Writer’s Professional Standards Board (PSB). The PSB provides guidance to the SWW about how we can raise standards across the industry and some of my day to day work is about writing pieces and policies that can help other practitioners to develop and improve.


Another way I help other practitioners is through mentoring. Having over 30 years in estate planning, I’m able to share my experience and knowledge with less experienced practitioners, some of which require more guidance. Additionally, I also draft Wills for some of these firms and they rely on my experience in drafting legal Wills and associated documents.

So…. A day in the life of an estate planner doesn’t just mean that I see a client and write their Will. We’re a busy firm and often book appointments 3 to 4 weeks in advance to take into account the demand for our services.


To book an appointment, send us a message, an email, or give us a call. We’ll be happy to support you in achieving your goals.



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