Lasting Power of Attorney

Common myths about LPAs (Lasting Powers of Attorney)

SLS have been helping clients with important legal documents for years. Here are some of the common myths about LPAs that we have heard.

  1. I’m too young to have an LPA.

This is a silly one… Sadly, you can lose your capacity at any time and one of the biggest causes for loss of capacity within younger people is from road traffic collisions. If you don’t have an LPA and lost capacity the impacts on loved ones could be catastrophic.

  1. My family will take care of me.

It’s true that your family will probably take care of you but will they have any legal power to make decisions regarding your health or welfare or property and financial affairs? Probably not. This means they won’t be able to take care of your bills or make decisions regarding where you get care.

  1. My partner knows my pin number so they’ll be able to access my bank.

Without an LPA for property and financial affairs, they shouldn’t be able to access your bank, let alone access the funds within it. If you’re the breadwinner within your household and you don’t have an LPA, this could cause serious financial worry.

  1. It’s too complicated

At SLS Wills and More, we take a simple approach to helping you put these documents in place. We hold your hand step-by-step until the document is ready for use. This removes any complication. The joys of using a professional like me to help you is that these documents will be accepted by the OPG on application and I’ll notify you of any remissions you may be able to apply for.

  1. It’s too expensive

Not with SLS it isn’t. We pride ourselves in offering affordable legal services and even offer relaxed payment schemes. For more information, or for a quote, please contact me.

  1. I’ve been diagnosed with dementia so I can’t make one now.

This might not be true. In order to make an LPA you need to have the mental capacity to do so. I will be able to make an assessment for you.

  1. I’ve already got a Will so don’t need an LPA

An LPA serves a different purpose to a Will. Your LPA allows you to appoint people you trust to make decisions for you in the event that you cannot. They are used during your lifetime. Your Will is effective after you’ve passed away.

  1. I don’t have anyone to appoint as my attorneys so I can’t make an LPA

If you don’t have family or loved ones that you trust or would want to appoint, you can appoint a professional to be able to act. We will be able to tell you more about the costs and implications of appointing a profession.

  1. I’ll just wait until I need it.

This could be a BIG mistake. You can only make an LPA when you have mental capacity. Don’t leave it too late.

  1. LPAs are only for people with money.

There are two different types of LPA. One governs your health and welfare and takes into account who cares for you or how. This has no correlation with money.

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