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What happens if a Will has been lost?

When a Will has been lost, damaged or destroyed it is important to make an application to the Court for evidence of the Will’s contents to be accepted in place of the original Will. If a Will which was known to be in the possession of a deceased person cannot be located, there is a presumption that the Will has been destroyed with the intention of revoking it. If the contents of the lost Will are contested then this may be an expensive and time consuming process.

Where do you store Wills?

We provide storage at the National Will Archive or Kings Court Trust depending on individual circumstances. You can also opt to have your Will registered with Certainty – a national Will Register, which records the locations of all Wills held by the National Will Archive, Solicitors and other storage providers. Registration is included at no additional cost.

How much does it cost to have my Will stored?

SLS Wills and More charge £30 per annum to store your Will(s) and/or Lasting Powers of Attorney at the National Will Archive.
If the Digital Storage solution is taken out as well (£35 per annum), then a combined charge of £50 per annum will be payable.

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Can I store my Will digitally?

SLS Wills provide secure digital storage using the Safe4 Digital Inheritance Vault, which is recommended and approved by the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners. Our Digital Storage service allows you to store, copy documents such as your Will or Power of Attorney, your passwords for your online accounts, copies of family documents, such as birth, marriage and death certificates, plus there is room for photos and music. You will be issued with a unique user name and password which you can access your documents securely from any location at any time.

How much does Digital Storage cost?

Each digital vault provides 1GB storage in Safe4’s secure ISO 27001 certified UK “cloud”. You can control who has access to your vault in the event that you lose mental capacity or in the event of your death. SLS Wills and More charge £35 per annum for this service.
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