Estate Administration

Estate Administration explained

When someone passes away it can be a very challenging time and knowing what to do can be tough. Probate can sometimes seem like a bit of a maze so in this short article we have summarized the steps needed to wind up an estate. Bear in mind that we are unable to cover every aspect of the estate administration process so we have done a brief summary of the common steps:

  • Register the Death
  • Arrange the funeral

When arranging the funeral check the Will to see if there are any wishes in the Will or to see if there is reference to a pre-paid funeral plan. Best to check your loved ones paperwork to be sure one wasn’t purchased before arranging anything.

  • Apply for probate

Probate is needed where the deceased died with a Will. Where they died without a Will (intestate) then Letters of Administration will need to be applied for.

  • Draw in estate assets

The job of the executor is then to draw in all of the assets belonging to the deceased.

  • Pay off any liabilities

After testamentary expenses have been paid then the assets can be distributed. Liabilities include paying any tax that the estate owed and also paying funeral expenses.

  • Distribute the estate in accordance with the Will

Once this has all been done, the estate can be shared out as per the wishes in the Will.


Naturally it goes without saying that if you have any questions about dealing with an estate, you’re welcome to contact SLS Wills and More and we will happily support. We will always give what guidance we can and then if you feel that you need further support we can let you know our charges for handling a probate.


Understand though that our consultation is always free.


Why choose SLS to help with estate administration?

With over 30 years experience you can trust the team at SLS to look after you and your family.

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