Films about Wills and Inheritance

Movies about Inheritances

There are a number of movies about money and more specifically about an inheritance. Here are some of the best and least known movies dealing with the important subject of writing your Will. Caveat –  some of the messages get a little confused…

For clarity here are a couple of key messages before we list the movies

  1. In England and Wales, if you kill someone to inherit, your gift is forfeit.
  2. You should always keep your Will safe.
  3. You can change your Will as many times as you like. It simply needs to be signed correctly and your last Will is just that – Your last Will.

Now onto the movies:


Richie Rich

Born into wealth, Richie’s parents are super wealthy. He has staff, luxury but no real friends except for his butler who look out for him. A plot is unveiled to kill his parents so that the family business can be controlled by a villain and Richie works to prevent this corruption. Light-hearted and fun!

The Descendants

A land baron tries to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife suffers a boating accident. This film deals with an inheritance, trusts, living Wills and all manner of estate planning whilst also being an -award-winning film with George Clooney in it.

Steal Big, Steal Little

If you can get past Andy Garcia playing a pair of twins, this movie highlights the pain money brings to a waring family and the greed and jealousy an inheritance can bring.


This is a new movie (2020) where a patriarch of a wealthy and powerful family suddenly passes away, leaving his daughter with a shocking secret inheritance that threatens to unravel and destroy the family. Simon Pegg is one of my favourite actors and plays his role well. Rather far fetched and the film hasn’t had the best reviews. It’s not too bad in my opinion.

The Weekend Murders

This is an older movie where a family heads to a British Estate to hear the reading of a Will but while there, they are murdered one by one.

Brewster’s Millions

One of the most classis inheritance movies and had to make the list! Well worth a watch and it’s a real rags to riches story!


Another award winning film. This time Charlie, a selfish automobile dealer, kidnaps his autistic brother Raymond and tries to manipulate him into giving up his inheritance from their late father. Dustin Hoffman at his finest!

The Ultimate Gift

Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller) lives a life of wealth and privilege. When his grandfather (James Garner) dies, Jason expects to receive a hefty inheritance. Instead, however, Jason must set out on a journey of self-discovery to earn the true gift his grandfather meant for him to have.

Howards End

This one has a star studded cast. A true inheritance movie in which Helen Schlegel falls for Paul Wilcox, but is rebuffed. Her sister Margaret becomes friends with his mother, who promises her the family house, Howards End. Unfortunately, after her death, the Will disappears and it appears the inheritance will disappear. Until the widower, Henry Wilcox, becomes attracted to Margaret.

The Batchelor

With a number of well-known actors, this light-hearted and dare I say fun film is about a gent who learns that if he doesn’t get married by 6:05pm on his 30th birthday, which is the next day, he misses out on his inheritance. He sets out tracking his past girlfriends in a bid to find a wife.

The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh

Not for the feint hearted. This one is a horror film in which an antiques collector inherits his mother’s house and discovers that her involvement with a mysterious cult of angel worshippers might have led to her death.


How many of these have you seen? Which was your favourite and are there any films we have missed from our list?



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