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Funeral Costs Increased by 3.4% in 2019

Although the thought of pre-planning your own funeral may feel somewhat morbid, there are actually many benefits to getting preparations in order whilst you are still alive and well. Today, many people choose to take out pre-paid funeral plans to obtain peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones. A funeral plan can also give you the freedom to get on and enjoy life, with the peace of mind that your funeral arrangements are taken care of.

With this in mind, the average cost of a funeral has increased by 3.4% to £4,417 since last year. The increase is pushing a lot more grieving families into financial difficulties according to the latest Cost of Dying’ Report by SunLife. 

12.5% of all families faced the unenviable prospect of finding the money to pay for the funeral costs of their loved ones. The report claims that the final celebrations of a loved ones’ life is contributing to debt, with over a fifth of families borrowing money from friends and family members to cover funeral costs.

Additionally, a quarter of people admitted to paying for the funeral on their credit cards or through loans. It appears regions vary greatly with people living in London facing an average funeral bill of £5,963, a staggering 35% more than the national average. Whilst the average funeral increased by 3.4% in the last year, residents of the Midlands and Wales faced the largest annual funeral cost rises of 9.6% and 9.4% respectively.

Last year, Royal London published a National Funeral Cost Index. It found that the total amount of funeral debt in the UK has risen to £147m, up 12% from last year. It estimated around 74,000 bereaved families who have struggled to cover the cost of a funeral in the past year. 27% of those who struggled said they went into debt from credit cards, loans or overdrafts.

20% said they borrowed money from family and friends, with 12% saying they chose a cheaper funeral. The index also found that people on lower incomes are spending much more of their income on a funeral, meaning they’re left worse off than those on higher incomes.


When you invest in one of the funeral plans SLS Wills and More offer, you relieve your family of the burden of planning, and ensure your wishes are followed exactly. You are also relieving your family of the financial burden, although please be aware that in some circumstances, they may still be asked to pay extra.

SLS Wills and More now offer funeral plans from three providers; Safe Hands Funeral PlansGolden Leaves and The Co-Operative Group. Each provider has different plans to suit individual circumstances, wishes and budgets.


A Funeral Plan is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, so we would advise you to do everything you can to make sure it is done properly. If you would like some advice on Funeral Planning, Will Writing, Power of Attorneys and how we can help you, you can call Sara on 01304 577998 or email

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