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How much does a funeral cost?

The average cost of a funeral is increasing every year. The national average is £4,200 (June 2019) and is expected to double in the next 10 years. Even the most expensive plan offered by SLS Wills and More is currently less than the national average at the current time.

Why do I need a Funeral Plan?

When you invest in one of the funeral plans SLS Wills and More offer, you relieve your family of the burden of making arrangements, and ensure that your wishes are followed exactly.You are also relieving your family of the financial burden, although please be aware that in some circumstances, they may still be asked to pay extra.

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Where can I get advice on a Funeral?

If you could like supportive, caring advice, Holly, of Libitina Funerals with Holly, is a twice award winning funeral director who understands how much support people need when someone has died. You will be gently supported and helped to create a beautiful and meaning funeral that fits your needs, whatever that may look like, whether a religious funeral or a more contemporary celebration of life. Please visit Holly’s website here

Do you offer different kinds of Funeral Plan?

SLS Wills and More now offer funeral plans from three providers: Safe Hands Funeral Plans, Golden Leaves and the Co-Operative Group. Each Provider has different plans to suit individual circumstances, wishes, and budgets.

What happens to my Funeral Plan if you go out of business?

All Providers ring fence your money and these funds are managed and audited by external advisors. All three providers are part of the Funeral Planning Authority  and are now regulated under the Regulated Activities Order under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 by the Financial Conduct Authority. Therefore your Plan is protected and should not be affected if SLS Wills and More or your Plan Provider ceases trading as your funds are ring fenced and managed by external advisors.

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