SLS announce new Charity Partnership with Hypo Hounds

Recently we have been working on something really exciting and we’re pleased to be able to announce that we have Partnered up with Hypo Hounds.

Hypo Hounds train dogs to detect and alert dangerous changes to their  Type 1 Diabetic owner’s blood sugars.  By alerting their owners or their families to these changes in blood sugars, Hypo Hounds can help to prevent potentially life-threatening hypoglycaemic attacks. These are known as hypos and result from low blood sugar levels.  Diabetic alert dogs can also be trained to detect potential episodes of hyperglycaemia (known as hypers) when blood sugar levels are too high.  Hypo Hounds services are focused on children, enabling them to gain independence and freedom.  They are able to help adults if they have a clinical need too.

In partnering up with this Hypo Hounds, SLS is helping to raise awareness and funds for this fantastic charity. People wanting to support Hypo Hounds can do so by going to their website https://hypohounds.co.uk. From here you can learn more about what Hypo Hounds are doing, how to donate, to find their social media channels etc.


Additionally, anyone booking an appointment with SLS and quoting HYPO10 will be helping the charity by donating 10% of our fee to them.

Additionally, we can talk to you about leaving a charitable legacy to them in your Will.

Simply contact us to book an appointment.

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