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    Sad news today – HRH Prince Philip has passed away

    Sad news emerged today from Buckingham Palace as HRH Prince Philip has passed away. Losing a loved one is never easy but when it’s your spouse and you’ve been married for over 70 years I imagine it’s even harder. Having been in private practice dealing with estates and probate for over 30 years we often support people who have been grieving over the loss of a loved one whilst trying to sort out their affairs. In the past, we have written articles about what probate (or estate administration) is and what the responsibilities of an executor are but sometimes it’s just too raw and painful.   If you’re dealing with…

  • Estate Administration

    Estate Administration explained

    When someone passes away it can be a very challenging time and knowing what to do can be tough. Probate can sometimes seem like a bit of a maze so in this short article we have summarized the steps needed to wind up an estate. Bear in mind that we are unable to cover every aspect of the estate administration process so we have done a brief summary of the common steps: Register the Death Arrange the funeral When arranging the funeral check the Will to see if there are any wishes in the Will or to see if there is reference to a pre-paid funeral plan. Best to check…

  • Estate Administration

    What is Estate Administration?

    Estate Administration is the process of dealing with a person’s legal and tax affairs after they have died. It involves far more than obtaining a Grant of Probate (Confirmation in Scotland) which is just one element of the process. This means dealing with all their assets; such as property, shares and personal possessions, paying debts and paying any Inheritance Tax and Income Tax. Whatever is left in the estate is then transferred to the beneficiaries. Estate administration can be extremely complex and is required after every death, whether or not there is a Will. In order to complete the estate administration process, there are a number of tasks that need…

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