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UK Law Change Opens Doors for Mixed Sex Civil Partnerships

The government have predicted thousands of mixed sex couples will enter into a civil partnership in 2020. A Government Equalities Office impact assessment published in July suggested that around 27,000 opposite sex partnerships could be registered in 2020 but that the uptake could be as high as 84,000.

Mr Keidan and Ms Steinfeld helped launch a campaign and brought a judicial review legal challenge, arguing that the 2004 Civil Partnership Act breached article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights, on the grounds that it discriminated against mixed sex couples. The couple lost in the lower courts before winning a landmark victory in the Supreme Court last year, which ruled that the current legislation was incompatible with European human rights law.

Civil partnerships give couples the same legal protections as marriage if the couple separate or one of them passes away. It allows them to automatically inherit their partner’s estate or family home and to claim pension rights. Cohabiting families are the fastest growing family type with the number in the UK more than doubling over 20 years, to about 3.4m. In 2017, 48% of children were born to unmarried couples.

Couples in civil partnerships and who are married have rights to inheritance, but couples who do not have such arrangements have no automatic rights to inheritance. The only way to protect each other in these circumstances, is to ensure that there is a valid will in place. With a will, your partner will be protected with finances and assets, ensuring peace of mind.


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